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Yesss underwear! Knickers, drawers, bras, shapewear…your undies. They bring me to another item or items that can make or break your outfit besides shoes. This seems common knowledge but on a daily basis I see a lot of wrong undies out there. We all know about the lines that your knickers can create but there are some decent no-shows undies out there or just stick with the good ole thong…even though they sometimes make you feel like you are slowly being cut in half. Plus even that little V can create a line. I honestly have nerve to talk but when someone points it out to me I will snap back to ask what they are looking at anyway. Slightly hypocritical blog today.. I know we don’t all have three way mirrors in our homes but always try to see what your outfit looks like from the back. Don’t even bother asking your significant other if your ass looks big in your jeans because they know better! Do bend over during this check up, because that’s when your whities will shine through your black leggings, and check to see if someone may want to connect the cellulite dots on your thighs and buttocks…..we all have them. Unless you are comfortable with it; then I’d just let it all show.


I personally have never tried shape wear nor have I ever been able to pull any shape wear item up past my hips. To me some of the undergarments seems like a yeast infection in the making….but if you have a positive experience, please share it! I am that person who cuts V’s in the waistband of my control top stockings when I can’t find regular stockings…or when the control tops are on sale! Should I have any male readers; you have know idea what we go through…Right now I am wearing “anti-cellulite” stockings….WTH is up with that?! Upon further research it turns out that they are supposed to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Push up bra’s may be amazing for some but I don’t go there. I have never been one to show cleavage, even though I know my B can look like a voluptuous C in the right push up but I feel like it’s false advertising. It is all in the actual push and literally up, you can accomplish this with your arms as well should you ever need the girls to get attention.


My heavier chested friends have told me that their clothes look better with a minimizer bra. For all sizes there are bra’s out there now that cover the boob flab. They are not always the sexiest brassieres but they do the job making your outfit look better! It never hurts to get yourself measured at any of the better lingerie stores since most of us supposedly wear the wrong bra size. Not only for the cup as well as the circumference since the last one will create back fat bulges even if you don’t have any fat on your back.


Maybe surprisingly so but am glad the bodysuits are back out there, once again to keep that line going. I have had the insanely awkward experience where the snap closure unsnapped in the middle of a meeting. No one would’ve known but the look on my face most likely gave it away. Body suits are perfect with low waisted pants, high waisted skirts and treggings. European styles 

And yes you may go braless with these this summer so you may ignore half of this blog if you do so!

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