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Under eye creams

Phew…I think my under eye area is beyond rescue thanks to my dimples. These cause a repetitive muscle motion resulting in my under eye wrinkles…that and plain hiding that! I am a nightmare to all under eye wrinkle cream product developers because my creases are deep and my nights are short and my patience is low…but there may be hope out there. For early prevention to keep these puppies to a minimum check back to Under eye issues

I have tested a few eye creams for the area below my eyes. Since I am all for instant results I started with Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle relief.


I did not see instant results as some advertisements of this product claim to do but after a few weeks of using it I have noticed a slight difference.
I honestly tried to research “cold plasma” for you, but I really don’t want to bore the crap out of you. Although the whole thing may put you to sleep; with benefits the under eye area first and foremost! I will admit I have only used the cold plasma samples by Perricone MD because I can’t afford to buy the whole thing or simply refuse to pay that kind of money…therefore it’s hard to review the product. The only thing I do purchase from Perricone MD is their tinted moisturizer but only when GMA has one of those 50% off deals, because I do love that stuff!

I have already proclaimed my love for all No7 products. FKA Boots No7. I have used their Youthful (I love that term!) Eye Serum in combination with the Lift and Luminate Eye Contour Cream. My eyes perk up from this especially when I don’t forget to use the serum first. Remember; I am lazy…one eye cream is all I can worry about.

Hey Honey Goodmorning Open Your Eyes Contour lifting…Thanks to my friends at Allure. I found this amazing sample in my beauty box. The price is not bad $35…and it actually seems to work. I have been using it after my castor oil night though so it may be a combination of both. But I will emphasize again that sleep and moisture are key!

If you want quick fix put some gold around your eyes! 24K gold hydra-gel patches by Peter Thomas Roth. Once again; I tried a sample. Although 30 patches for $75.00 might be worth it…especially since I used them on both sides…but it worked. This was after one night out getting ready for a second one. I know….getting too old for this bleep! But that is why we have 24K gold eye patches right?!?


I will continue my quest for the best eye creams! I really want to try IT cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye and maybe a La Mer sample. Any other suggestions?

 Please check out the link below as they do this for a living. Their research is extensive and therefore an extremely helpful read:


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