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Wedding dresses

While we are all still on a romantic high after the royal wedding I was going to write about do’s and don’ts of wedding dresses. But as I was searching around for images I realized; picking a wedding dress revolves around personal style, taste and cultural background.

I think a lot of people have been watching too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress when “judging” Meghan Markle’s gown. I love the simplicity and elegance of it, the minimal accessories and natural make-up let her true beauty shine. Not everyone needs sparkles, mermaid lines or bare shoulders. Corset wedding dresses, for example, are a very American style that not every one can pull off gracefully. With that being said; it is your day…do what makes you feel like a princess! Amy on the Big Bang Theory is the best example of that.

Once again I have nerve to talk! I was wearing silk PJ bottoms (to which my maid of honor was wearing the top) with an embroidered sleeve blazer. If I still had a picture somewhere I would show and tell. I still had the fall leaves in my hair from a kids birthday party prior to our matrimony but it was all we needed at that time….21….green card….Never the less; it lasted almost 25 years.

I don’t think I would ever want a big wedding, or to be married ever again but every girl likes to play dress up and shine in front of “their” man. I was trying to explain to someone we would all want to feel like Meghan and the answer was; not everyone can stand to be in the public eye like that. But my point was that we would all want our man to look at us with that much love and admiration in his eyes. I know we ourselves have to know we are beautiful first and foremost but it’s still nice to feel or hear it sometimes. To compliment you not to complete you…

So never say never right? I will be on the same page as the Duchess of Sussex though; simple and elegant. And at this age…with some kind of sleeve!

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