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Fashion maybe don’ts

I am by no means an expert but I am here to help you out a little bit along the way. Keep in mind that I am writing this for the 40ish and up, below that age you may go all out. Some things may work better on others than myself but I try to cover the entire body type spectrum. I am about 5’5″, fluctuating between 135 and 140 lbs. blessed with a smaller waist and a little bit of derriere, lacking in the boob department but I have come to terms with my B-cup.

Choker tops! I know I might sound like a broken record but that line…the one that elongates the body….also gets broken up by choker tops. They look sexy on some but not everyone can pull these off. And just like with choker necklaces; they may push your turkey neck up when you look down….who wants that?! Some items look great when standing straight in front of a mirror but try moving around a little bit to see if it works for you.

Another tricky one; white jeans. This might be due to my wobbly legs but these puppies can show every line, dip and bubble….which is not always a good thing. I love white denim though, I have yet to find a pair that compliment and are comfy…maybe I need a pair of distressed white jeans…mmmm…..

The culotte jump suit! They are adorable if you are over 5’6″ below that you are better off wearing a full length wide leg jump suit unless you pair the jumper with 4 inch heels. Like the picture above on the left; flats make a jumper look frumpy…flats with ankle strap even more so. A culotte pant I would consider a “do” but once again with heel and/or open toed shoes to keep that line going! You may get away with pairing it with a sneaker as well…I may give that a shot!

Pleated anything! I know it is hot right now. Pleated pants, pleated skirts…even the double whammy pleated culotte pant. Pleats work when you are tall and skinny and even then it is not flattering. A pleated skirt will work if it has a wide waist band. But like I mentioned in my previous blog Wedding dresses do your thang ladies! Whatever floats your boat…just a heads up from me before the pictures pop up on social media and you think oh snap…maybe that wasn’t the best idea…at least you were making a fashion statement! Maybe I should rename this “Fashion maybe do’s”…

One thing that is making a comeback that no one should knock are bellbottoms and high waisted wide legs!! They optically lengthen the leg and make your butt look amazing! Thought I’d end on a positive note….



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