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Memorial Day 

I have been lazy about my citizenship. The thought of the money that had to be spent and the test that had to be taken did not seem level out with the perspective to be able to vote and be summoned to jury duty. I am a permanent resident alien. Na-nu Na-nu!I have lived in the US for 12 years consecutively, a word I still can’t pronounce, and on and off a total of about 20 years. Therefore I am very Americanized but will always mark the “other” box when asked about my race and ethnicity. Can take a Dutch girl out of Holland but…

Memorial Day weekend is definitely associated with a lot of food and fun. But I do always take a moment because if it wasn’t for the American and Canadian army my home country would have never been freed in 1945. We are forever grateful for that.

I will admit I will most likely become an American citizen when my circumstances change. I will most likely live here for the rest of my life, even though all my family is on the other side of the pond. I do love this country, the people; their spirit, their enthusiasm. Plus I am a classic example that this is definitely the land of oppertunities!! Do I sound “Amerrrricun” enough!?!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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