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Biker shorts

I am truly excited about this one! When I first spotted this “new” trend my response was “Lawd help us! They are back!” but while investigating this come back I realized that this is a blessing in disguise. Comfortable, sexy and age appropriate if you stick to these tips! Three of my favorite words in fashion now; comfy, sexy and I-can-still-get-away-with-it. I just love it cause my upper thighs tend to wobble, despite my 3 mile (almost) daily walks.


  • Cover your butt and your hoo-ha. Camel toe is not cute, at any age…
  • Pair them with heels to dress them up
  • Or with sneaks to dress them down!
  • Dress them up with a shirt and blazer or a fancy blouse
  • Stick to dark colors such as blue, navy and possible a subtle floral print.
  • You may wear them with a Tee and a biker jacket, that is not too literal: they are two different “cycling situations”

There are a lot more don’ts! You will thank me later!


  • Stay away from any kind of fishnet or lace shorts
  • Unless you are channeling your inner 80’s child I would not go as far as wearing these under your denim cut-offs again. Most of the 80’s fashion trends should be dead and buried by now!
  • Take it too literal; you will not be riding the Tour the France in your biker shorts or is it biking shorts?
  • Pair them with boots….booties maybe but stick to the tips on that in Shoes
  • Display your privates (or did I already mention that?)
  • Try these in light colors….
  • Accessorize with a fanny pack….let the kids think those are cool again…we know better than that!

Biker shorts come in different varieties of lengths, colors and fabrics. I would love to get my hands on a pair on floral shorts, but even that can be tricky, for now I will stick with black. They also come in one pieces; body suits…mmm….yes if you cover it with a button-down shirt…I recall I owned a biker short catsuit in the 80’s one side black, the other white. Yaiks!

You know how I feel about faux leather by now and I will go out on a limb and will put these on the “do” list too. Sounds like fun!

Once again slightly hypocritical because I would love to say no to any “been-there-done that” item but hey…life is about second chances right?!? Why didn’t I keep these plaid ones below!!


These pictures lead to two more NO’s!! No polka dot tights and/or thigh high socks with biker shorts! The stockings I can deal with…great way to continue this trend into the fall.


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