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My favorite things part deux

A few last minute gift suggestions!

Jade Facial Roller  You have to see it to believe it. Besides the fact that it feels amazingly smooth on your skin, it actually looks like it irons it out…I am not sure how long the effect actually last but you will instantly see a difference. The jade roller can actually reduce tension in your skin which causes these fine lines and wrinkles. Use it as a follow up to your skin care routine rather than prior to as I was doing. Jade has been around for centuries, and for no significance at all has always been my favorite name. It is supposed to have healing properties. My, non-expert, opinion is that around the eyes it feels like any thing cold and cooling that will reduce puffiness but I can’t explain why or how it actually decreases my morning Sharpei look…but why over-think this. It obviously does not work on my WTF forehead wrinkles, but I have grown to lovingly accept them. Try rolling it on the inside of your eye, it is so soothing and it is supposed to clear your sinuses that way too. You can purchase these gems ranging from $8 to $30. I bought mine for $9 at a discount store and it seems to work just fine!

I know I raved about this before, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving! The Allure Beauty Box: It will set you back $15.00 a month going forward but the gift will truly be appreciated. Out of all the monthly goody boxes and baggies out there; this box is definitely the most loaded every month. The December box theme is “Mask anything”; Lapcos sheet mask, Glow recipe watermelon mask, Kocostar Rose lip mask, Patchology eye gel mask, Starskim exfoliating double-layer footmarks….and that’s not even all of it! I can’t wait to try them all!

My actual favorite monthly gift to myself is the joy of Apple Music. For a mere 10 bucks a month, I think it is something every music lover should have in their life.


My favorite gift to myself was this amazing bag from Zara. The best part is the inside: it is red!! The second best thing is the smaller compartment on the inside. Should you actually put your keys and wallet in there you will actually be able to find them! This bag will set you back $49.50. Not too shabby!

Then I’m back to the biker shorts! I may have been a bit presumptuous with my initial blog Biker shorts but mark my words: they are going to be make a huge come back! Be careful that you won’t look like an old hipster but feel free to pick them up now as a gift for the youngsters at Urban Outfitters. In sparkly fabric or velvet, for a mere $34.00. Say wha!?! You know they sell $1000.00 gift certificates at Urban Outfitters…found out by grabbing the wrong one….Say wha!?! Happy shopping!

I just realized that, minus the sparkly biker shorts, I have gifted all of the above to myself. Because I deserve it and I have to do me. As you should too!

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