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Chub Rub

Aaah summer time! Possibly the scariest fashion season for most of us, others just choose to make it scary. My biggest challenge are my upper thighs; they will cause for my shorts to always have that asymmetrical look in between my legs due to the constantly touching inner thighs. Not to mention the forest fire my inner thighs can start. A phenomenon called chub rub.


I never knew this was an actual term until last year when a friend of mine put a make-up primer on her inner thighs to relieve the constant friction. Interestingly enough some people use Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel as a solution against chub rub as well as a make-up primer…..things that make you go mmmm…

This is the fun part of writing this blog; it sometimes opens up a whole new world for me. There are two ways to go about this; dry it out or lube it up! Dry it out with baby powder, lube it up with Body Glide for example an actual 100% natural anti-chafing cream that is made from plant waxes that repel moisture. Coconut Oil works for this too! I know I am not supposed to “assume” but is it safe to say that any lube would work? I can hear myself now at the register “no really I am getting the KY for my chub rub!”.

There are a boatload of legit products out there, the Monkey Butt sounds like a hoot. This absorbs the moisture just like a talcum powder…but better. Deodorant works for about 30 minutes on a hot day, depending on thigh thickness. Gold Bond Friction sounds like a winner. Chamois Butt’r is used by cyclists to avoid chafing and claims to be non-greasy. You may ignore my advise in my previous blog and just wear Biker shorts underneath your shorts….although under a dress I am all for it!

You would think that cotton would be your best option then but since cotton absorbs and traps moisture you might want to get some evaporating moisture control synthetic options. Or you can do inner thigh exercises until you have a gap…this is not on my list of options…blessed with Dutch-biking-dancing-thighs. What ever happened to the thigh master?


Then there is the butt sweat issue…we all have it…some more than others! Of course this requires the talcum powder; Monkey Butt or baby powder. If you are past that point than diaper rash cream like A&D will do the trick (also on your thighs by the way!). In this case I thought cotton drawers would be best too until I read about the absorption quality of cotton…It all makes sense now…

Last but not least; boob sweat! I am not a victim of this as much as the butt sweat. It’s all about size ladies. Some women will actually put paper towel in their cups to prevent their bra from getting soaked. Once again; powder will do the trick. Learned something new again: there are actual Cup Care Bra liners out there! Disposable bra liners, they may actually save you some money on bras in the long run cause you know those sweat stains in your nude hued bras are impossible to get out. They are far from sexy but effective!

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