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To tank or not to…

To tank or not to tank….that is the question…

I am going right back to that little slab of whatever right by your armpit. Almost any bra will push this up and make it worse than it is. The one thing we can’t hide is the fact that for some reason the skin under our arms will sag and wrinkle too….why?!? Did anyone come up with an arm pit wrinkle cream yet…or does that fall under the category of “you are on your own woman”? Before you commit to t-shirts let me give you some tank tips…I won’t resort to short sleeve tops only just yet!

There are tank tops out there that are cut the right way and will hide your side flab, that is at least one out of two. Target and H&M both have amazing basic tanks.


The classic spaghetti strap will give you a more slender neck and chest line, and if it is the right cut it will also cover the flab. If it is too high or too tight it will create more waves and wrinkles in the pit. Try to find a tank with an adjustable strap. As you can see in the second picture; the classic scoop can appear to make you look a bit wider but are awesome for hiding bra strap. The heavier chested amongst us are probably better off with a classic scoop as well. Then there is the halter, this will give you an optical diesel look since it emphasizes the shoulder. A halter will also make you look bustier…any high neck will….this can be good and bad!

If you’re still not convinced then I guess t-shirts with a sleeve may be an option or you can become a low clapper, waist hugger, elbow tucker waver…anything to keep your arms down in public!

Simple tips for tee’s:


Golden tips for sleeves! A classic tighter sleeve to mid gun is always flattering as pictured on the left. A tight cap sleeve will always make your arms appear thicker than they are, but a loose cap gives you the optical illusion of a skinnier pec. It all sounds super captious but these are facts….And no, I do not own a solid white loose cap t-shirt. I can still get away with the lips right?

Plan C is to just not give hoot like 90% of woman out there. And I would say more power to you! I have those days….we look pretty darn good for almost 48…and if someone has a problem with wrinkly, side boob tissue then please just look the other way!


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