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Food III

You guys seem to like the ones about food, partially because I believe most women are slightly fixated on our daily consumption. I have learned that I lose weight during stressful times and recently have noticed that these pounds pack back on once the stress subsides. Hence my current obsession with what I eat because it is summer and that bathing suit will make an appearance shortly! Is there a quick way to lose 5 pounds? I already have Jillian Michaels kick my ass 4 times a week and I do try to walk 3 miles almost every day….the latter more for my sanity!


Doing research on this is hysterical! Cosmopolitan has a list of things you can do to lose 5 pounds in a week which includes nightly you-on-top sex. That is a killer upper thigh work out for sure….but this one was supposed to be about food!! Duly noted: 30 minutes of (any kind of) cardio will do! I am sure Prevention Magazine does not have that on their list.

Five pounds a week is not a healthy goal by the way, 1 or 2 is fine. Number one thing to do is: drink lots of water. (Check!) That’s all I drink; water and coffee. For women: 8 eight ounces glasses of day (that’s 2 liters!) men should drink around 13. Don’t drink it all at once! Your kidneys can only handle about a liter an hour. There is a lot of water in all fruits and veggies too like cucumbers, tomatoes and celery.

Wait a minute! I drink coffee before my morning work out because of pure necessity. I simply don’t function before my morning java. Come to find out: coffee before a work out can cause fat cells to be used as an energy source…don’t ask me how but I am sticking by it.  Naturally the high amounts of caffeine in black coffee can increase your metabolism…oh that probably means I should cut out my flavored creamers then…I knew it was too good to be true!

Second is also a no brainer but not as easy to do! Swap refined carbs for whole grains and veggies. Refined carbs are the grains that have been processed by food manufacturers so that the whole grain is no longer in tact. I explain it simply as that most white stuff is bad for you….rice, pasta, pancakes, waffles….switch these up with brown rice, whole grain bread, wheat pancakes….and uhm just say no to the waffles. And yes I know syrup is brown!

This discriminating rule also applies to white sauces, white dressings; Marinara sauce is always better for you than Alfredo sauce. Balsamic dressing is healthier than Ranch…Ketchup better than Mayo….ouch!

I also stumbled across a theory that when you have a craving for something…let’s say a chocolate chip cookie that just by smelling the food you can trick your brain that the craving is satisfied. I call BS on that one….that is my biggest issue. I have zero will power. When there is food it shall be eaten. Therefore I will have another cup of coffee and put on some Jill M. I eat, therefore I exercise. I don’t like gym’s though. I will just continue to do my own thing. Diddley-diddley-dee.

The other tips (some non food related) I have read, I already do on a daily basis; get lots of sleep (!), pack a lunch rather than buy it out, skip the elevator; take the stairs instead…all common sense right…ooh and go out dancing!!!

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