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Festival vibes

I was a club kid and I dressed accordingly. My favorite outfit was a fake fur mini with matching top…less was definitely more. Now that I am officially middle aged I was very unnoticable amongst the new generation of partygoers yesterday in Brooklyn. It is very comforting to realize that I would have looked silly if I had even tried. Although a little glitter wouldn’t have hurt. You’re never too old for glitter.

Trends spotted that will not be on my next wardrobe party list (but all you beautiful people please keep it up!) were: underwear as outerwear and a ton of mesh which basically will accomplish the same effect.

The one trend I will absolutely embrace is the fanny pack!! I still think they look goofy but the convenience wins. I just have to get that visual out of my head of the old women with their fanny packs and white sneaks. I will admit that they were rocking them at this festival though. Meanwhile my back is killing me from my cross body bag which is also incredibly  annoying to dance with….I am going to sport a fanny pack for my next concert outing! At the risk of looking like one of the aforementioned old ladies, therefore I will leave my white sneaks and vizor at home!

Another notable statement was the septum ring which has roots back to West Africa and the Mayans in Central America. Beautiful on so many but I have definitely outgrown this as well. It was just so inspiring to see how people embrace their culture, their sexuality, their age (me!) as printed on their t-shirts: no sexism, no racism, no ableism, no ageism, no homophobia, no fatphobia, no transphobia, no hatefulness….in a perfect world…that seemed to exist right there in Brooklyn on a perfect summer day…I have never seen so many beautiful, eccentric, friendly, stylish, eclectic and amazing people in one place and the music was equally incredibly insane at this AfroPunk Fest.



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