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Fall Fashion

Sadly Labor Day, coming up this weekend, marks the end of the summer. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the summer but I am also an insane optimist therefore I tell myself that football, fall leaves, apple picking and everything pumpkin spice are just as great! My favorite thing about fall is fashion though. I love my comfy sweaters and scarves. I also prefer tights over the stockings which I am still supposed to wear to work….

Things that are soooo Fall 2017? For the early fall the off shoulder is done…thank god because these things are a pain in the ass. In order to to keep them off your shoulder you would have to refrain from any type of movement. Not to be confused with the cold shoulder top; I am still all for them but I am sure they will be on the no-no list for next spring. The western look is on the “played out” list as well; fringes, cowboy boots, peasant  blouses….but for those who can’t part with this look it is actually on the “please do list” of some fashion blogs. And these are notable fashion bloggers, not like little ole me!

Plus when fashion designers like Marant incorporate western in their Fall Fashion shows it is going to be hard to ignore. And with my fave pleather cowboy boots do work…on some!

“New” for Fall (in quotations because when you get to be our age you have seen it all before!):

  • Animal prints. Bring the Zoo out: Leopard, snake, zebra prints…anything goes. I personally keep these prints away from my face, I like them in skirts, pants and shoes. It’s too “busy” and sometimes trashy when I incorporate the zoo in tops.Checks/plaid (still?again?) these would be on my played out list but they are still “LIFE”*. For the dare devils amongst us you may even combine your plaid with animal prints. I will leave that up to y’all….
  • (P)leather: love. Always works….in moderation….img_9221
  • Gloss look. This look is kinda new is I guess. Any high shine fabric will do. Please note that these will accent very curve and wobble…which can be good and bad…
  • Tweed: a classic come back…YAY! I love tweed skirts because they don’t show lines. I pair my pink tweed with solid black in the winter. The one thing you have to be careful with with tweed is that this may be a classic but you don’t want to look like a classic. A tweed jacket can instantly give you a Hillary Clintonish vibe…no offense Hill!img_9229

* LIFE “cool, awesome, fresh or whatever term you were using to express your enthusiasm about something.

Fall fashion….to be continued….



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