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Fall Trends II

Confession: I am not the live, laugh, love home decor type. Quotes on t-shirts, however, are everywhere this fall. Some are cute…some are a bit over the top but in either case people will be staring at your chest trying to read them…jusss saying! My t-shirts will have little to say this fall. No pun intended….

Clear bags…they remind me of my mall job way back in the day. We were supplied with clear bags for our personal items, these bags were still checked in spite of the clarity. Needless to say this was slightly embarrassing once a month. Some of the clear bags now have a fun inside lining. I haven’t bought one…yet….although now with all the security issues some events only allow clear bags. Perfect excuse for a purchase!Capture5

Scarf prints…I didn’t realize I was ahead of this game! Unconscious fashionista. I bought an amazing scarf print skirt at H&M before the summer started. The fact that I haven’t worn it yet is besides the point. Although I would have been a trail blazer…I’ll chalk it up as a missed opportunity. Same rule for this print as tweed. They are both classics but you don’t always want to appear “classic” at our age. Catch my drift? Fall Fashion

Another oldie but goodie is: corduroy….I will leave it all up to you! I love the thick corduroy skirts and jackets.

Woven and Raffia bags…seem “summery” to me but are back out there in full force. Not the best handbag when you have pets in the form of cats.

Fanny  packs. The debate around these is heated. I am pro-fanny pack for the sole reason that they don’t look like they used to! There are some rrrreally cute ones out there. The functionality of these babies is a win to me.

Block heels…kind of comparable what we were sporting back in the eighties. That’s why I most likely won’t go back there again. They are comfortable though but not sexy. Same goes for moccasins and loafers; comfy  but zero sex appeal…but at this age sometimes it’s comfort over sex appeal right? I recently started wearing sneakers because they became stylish…I will embrace that style with open arms! And in a weird way they can be “sexy”…it’s not all about the red hooker heals all the time! Before my obsession with sneakers it was heels all day everyday for me….that’s why my feet are jacked up 🙂

In the long run the style is still “whatever floats your boat”, “whatever makes you feel good” and “whatever screams: I am too sexy for this shirt”.

All items above are sold at (not an affiliate) just love me some Zara!

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