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Winter Coat Throwbacks

I am a sucker for a good coat, jacket, wrap, poncho….maybe I should just say outerwear as a whole. Maybe because it is a justifiable purchase since I do get a lot of use out of them. Plus I have coats that I have owned for umpteen years and they always rotate back to being stylish! Hence my examples below!

Puffer Coats! At the risk of looking like a Michelin Man….there are serious pro’s and cons to these coats. The Pro’s? They are ridiculously warm especially the ones that actually contain down in the filling. You also don’t have to worry about what you wear underneath it…let it all hang out. And they are just fun, they come in all shapes and colors! Cons? They are not flattering, but who cares you’ll be nice and toasty. Secondly; they don’t travel well…can you imagine sitting on a crowded train with a bunch of fellow puffer coat peeps. Even if you take it off feels like you’re carrying your comforter around. Just my overly logical train of thought! I do love the lighter weight puffer that you can roll up into a bag, those are perfect for traveling…that is if you can get it back into that baggy!

Shearling! It’s baaaaack! This channels the 80’s like nothing else. There are several different ways it is popping back up. You will find it as a lining in an oversized denim jacket for men and women. Another uni-sex item is the bomber jacket, faux leather and shearling, in all kinds of varieties. There is the classic “Top Gun” Bomber, a pea-coat style coat or you can even pull your lammie out of storage again. All bets are off when it comes to shearling! My favorite is the solo shearling….just gimme the soft fuzzy stuff. Whether it’s in a coat, jacket or sleeveless vest…I am all for it! I still prefer the off white version of this material but you can purchase it in every color imaginable.

As mentioned before in Fall Trends II Corduroy is making a reappearance too…lined with shearling as well…double fashion statement. As are animal prints…even for coats…yas.

Checkered coats! Also 80’s right? Especially the long oversized one! As long as you buy one of these with wool in it, it will keep you warm and won’t have to be as heavy. You will pay a little bit more for wool but it will be so worth it!

Fall kicked in a day ago and I am already over it. I would love to live in a warmer climate but I truly believe I would miss my coats and comfy sweaters….maybe only for a minute though! It is the beauty of where I currently live; we actually get four seasons. If I can live in a state that has fall going straight into spring….I will be right there!


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