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Good Diet Food

I love to sleep! I need my sleep. You do not want to be around me on a day after a night of less than 8 hours of sleep. Although I have managed to function with less sleep better over the past few years simply because I sometimes have no choice. Sleep plays a key factor in weight loss, simply because you have less time to eat! It cracks me up that there is a study that shows that people who sleep four (!!) hours a night consume 300 calories more than people who sleep 9 hours a night….well duh!


Another no-brainer when it comes to weight loss or weight maintenance is moderation, focus more on the quality of the food than the quantity. As I mentioned before; I am not a fan of diets or cutting certain foods out of your daily consumption such as rice or bread. Food II

The good news is that I have learned something about foods that I stayed away from due to whatever was implemented in my head, they are not all that bad!img_9596

Whole milk for one. I use lots of milk for my oatmeal and cereal, the watery zero fat stuff. Whole milk is better, it will make you feel fuller sooner and longer because it hasn’t been stripped from essential fatty acids like skim milk has. Supposedly you also tend to load up more on sugar and refined carbs when you reduce fat in your diet. Mmmmm…..back to bacon? Keto?

Or another weakness of mine: peanut butter! It is not all bad because it has tons of protein and fiber as well. May I have an angelic “aaaaaaaaah”! And ironically the reduced-fat versions contain more calories, sugar, sodium….Now if I can only I learn how to dip apples into peanut butter. I haven’t acquired a taste for that yet…

img_9595It gets better! Pasta! Is not as bad for your blood sugar level as I had always presumed. Whole wheat pasta is naturally better for you and as long as you mix it with olive oil and/or red sauces and veggies; you will be golden.


Eggs…you may eat the whole egg. Don’t discriminate, white and yellow…it all boils down to moderation. I love them because they fill me up but that’s maybe just the gas they give me! The best part about eggs, besides the fact that they are cheap, they are 70 calories a piece. I did do some research about the amount of eggs a day you may consume and sadly two eggs are suggested. My stomach will appreciate that!

Last but not least my fave: Java!! Coffee stimulates the brain and contains anti-oxidants that may help improve your glucose metabolism….in plain English: this suppresses your appetite. Coffee can also improve endurance while exercising due to some other fancy chemical process it gets going in your body. Note: this does not include your lattes and macchiatos, whatever energy you are getting from that is just a good ol’ sugar rush! Try to limit your coffee to two cups in the morning and another pick-me-up mid afternoon…and limit the cream and sugar. All about moderation…..*ugh*

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