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Wardrobe malfunction

I thought I looked all slick in my thigh high boots the other night….until they started sagging and showing off my not so sexy knees. There was another woman in the establishment who was engaged in the same tug-a-war the whole night…we exchanged our empathetic glances across the room…the struggle is real girl!

I always have a plan B therefore my boots were quickly switched out with a pair of killer heels. Sometimes your calves are too good too hide anyway right? But in case I would like to rock my boots again I decided to look into some solutions…

Some suggest to wear thick, tall boot socks underneath the boots. I will give it a go but I am almost sure it won’t work with the boots I own…Others propose thinner socks and a glue gun….seriously? I am pretty sure your socks will slouch down with the boots; simple law of gravity…

There is such a thing as “Fashion Glue”. Believe me this is new to me too! I am familiar with fashion tape…but actual glue? It is actually designed to be applied to your skin. Unlike regular glue which will injure your skin. Just an FYI!

There are actual “boot bra’s” out there. There are multiple YouTube videos out there on how to create your own. WikiHow even has a step by step tutorial. Too much work for me, I am so sorry that I can’t provide you with feedback regarding home made boot straps…I will try the Hollywood Style Secrets Boot Bra…and most likely just waste 12 bucks.

This past weekend the temperature dropped and I decided to wear tights with my black over the knee boots. The previous weekend it was bare legs with tan over the knees….and the solution to this is so simple!! As long as you wear tights, leggings or skinny jeans with these boots you are just fine. No old knees showing when they drop plus they are less likely to drop since there is another layer to hold them up! Duh!

So basically this was a very uninformative blog 🙂 but I am still going to try the boot strap bra thingies. Side note; I do only own two pairs of these boots and I paid very little for them since I really don’t get a lot of wear out of them. But they are just a fun addition to my wardrobe…..just like these little bright red booties I scored the other day…a fellow shopper confirmed that every one needs a pair of those in their lives…That was all the justification I needed!


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