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Halloween Costumes

When a friend asked me if we should “slut it up” for our High School reunion or wear our sensible cardigans, I replied that I was under the impression that women our age in the US only got the “slutty” pass for Halloween. It is perfectly ok to dress up as anything and just add “sexy” to it….sexy pirate, sexy cop, sexy minion…nothing wrong with any of that! I love any excuse to wear a costume therefore I love Halloween.

If you are amongst the notorious procrastinators like me I have a few ideas that may help you out. These have worked for me in the past! They are also cheap and easy…circled right back to slutty!


Risky Business:

All you need is a long(!) white button-down men’s shirt, tube socks and some Ray-Bans. The latter don’t have to be the real deal…depending on what kind of party you will be attending. The tube socks are cuter without shoes but since they may be a necessity, try to see if you have some white sneaks lying around.


Robert Palmer Girl:

As I was plotting a costume for an after work event, I realized this is one you can pull off as office wear into Halloween party gear! The “Addicted to love” version is a black long sleeve bodycon dress…black stockings (not tights!) or fish nets(!). The “Simply Irresistible” version is a skin tight black tank dress with an orange sash or belt. Correct me I am wrong! Besides that you will need lots of hair gel to pull your hair back, or castor oil will do the trick. If you can do a smoky eye; go for it! If this may look like you got clubbed in the eye, stick with eye liner and a ton of mascara. Don’t forget the red hot lips to finish this look off and some black killer heels.


Wednesday Adams:

This one was easy for me because all I needed was two braids and a black dress with a white collar. The only time we are still “allowed” to wear two braids after 40. To “slut it up” make sure this is your tightest, shortest black dress and go heavy on the make up. The switch to Morticia Adams is quickly made if you have dark hair like mine; just part it in the middle and throw on a long black dress preferably with a bell sleeve…This is a great couple outfit too depending on your significant other’s body type: Pugsley or Gomez….

Another quick option is an “army girl” since it is so easy to find camouflage prints any where now. For the true cheapo stragglers amongst us; you can just glue a bag of chips on your shoulder and say you’re a chip on a shoulder. The one that still cracks me up is the “go ceiling” t-shirt combined with a couple of pom poms and you’re a ceiling fan….I know, I know….it doesn’t take much for me…

I have another “costume” for Saturday night: Fire….just straight up Fire…will post pics later 🙂

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