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The 80’s called….

Some of the worst creations ever made by mankind were made in the eighties. This varies from hairstyle, to music to fashion. Unless you were conceived in the eighties of course! That would go on my list of 80’s yesses fo sho!

I spent a lot of time and money trying to get that spiral curl in my hair back in the eighties, and yes I even owned a crimper. I am surprised I still have hair on my head. I never managed to get my pin straight hair into anything BIG. I would manage to get my mane in full force for a minute but the curls would be down to my knees the moment I walked out the door. Thank goodness straight hair has been socially accepted the decades after the 80’s.

A few fashion items are making a come-back from that era. I am still praying that leg warmers will not be resurrected, but I will deal with that accordingly when they do. I managed to make peace with the fanny pack, why not the leg warmers right? Gigantic shoulders pads is another one that hopefully will stay buried. Although they can make your waist look amazing! Stripes and Silhouettes

Bell bottoms stem back to the early eighties. I am happy they are coming back in style. As happy as we all may be in our skinnies; bell bottoms and flares are way more flattering on some of us. They elongate the legs and flatter your hips. Unlike skinnies which mostly flatten your derriere. If you are petite you may want to stick to a less exaggerated flare, too much bell can actually make you look shorter.

Another early 80’s comeback is the color camel. It’s popping back up in wool coats, corduroy pants or in a  heritage check. A deep warm camel will go with almost every skin tone. Just be careful when you wear it with browns because it will be like a time warp. Stick with black, denim or wooly whites to complete this look.

I don’t know if you have noticed but the stirrups are trying to sneak back in there too. Yaiks, what can I say….they are not always too flattering. Be careful you buy the right size and length or else you will be tugging on them all day in order to avoid the crotch dropping to your knees. Even if you wear them with boots you may as well just stick to good ole leggings. Therefore if or when I do succumb to this I will sport them with a high pointy heel…with the strap underneath my shoes…show off my stirrups…although they look cute with loafers as well….

I might just be able to get away with this…comfy and trendy. My kinda thang! That didn’t take much did it!





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