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Wardrobe do’s

Never knew there was so much to say about this! But as I was listing the items we should all have in our closet, the suggestions started pouring in.

Yassss leggings! How could I not have included them on my list! Closet etiquette I Closet Etiquette II Still all for them and while we are on the subject; please replace the ones that are almost see through cause you wore the crap out of them. I know they are comfy but (in my Elsa voice:) Let them go……

Leggings are still not pants but if you buy them in a thick material such as Ponte you may show your behind…a little…some leggings can make your behind look a-maz-ing but with the wrong underwear we all have a pancake butt. I love the fake leather leggings. I would looove to get the faux leather Moto leggings by Spanx but I can’t get myself to spend $100 on a pair of faux leather leggings! They may as well be real leather then right?

I got some really fun reptile print coated leggings from Zara….oh and the ones with the scarf print. Pair then up with a black top and some heels and you are good to go. You know my motto: comfortably stylish…..ok I have learned to compromise with the heels although I do have some comfy”er” ones….

Someone else mentioned a forgotten item on my must-have-in-your-life list: a sports bra…more power to you but I don’t like them! They are confining to me and hard to take on and off. Or maybe I should invest in a front closure sports bra. But I can imagine why some of you see this as a necessity in your closet, maybe you who actually have boobs. I do have certain bras I use for working out only, Because we are supposed to sweat. And the sweat loves to settle right underneath your boobs…yes even the smaller ones. Therefore these bras need to be washed ASAP and it doesn’t do them any justice.

Which leads me to a discussion I have sometimes with fellow females; do you wash your bra after one wear? The majority of us don’t even though it is an item you wear close to your body for a day and will collect some level of perspiration. I will openly admit I have a two wear limit….depending on the day of the year. Bras don’t like to be washed frequently there fore I wash them in short cycles in cold water in one of those net thingies. That explains why we are constantly washing small loads….note to whomever shares the washing machine with me….

Oh and another note: it is not just the sports bra, I think bra’s are a pain altogether. Last summer at an outdoor concert in NY I noticed I was one of the few who actually was wearing one. Plus the fact that I was the only one who still shaves my pits….I am soooo 2017!!



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