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I may be an “influencer” on a very small level. I used to think this word had a negative ring to it but a true influencer can carry this title as a bona-fide one, and if successful, also a very profitable one. Kim Kardashian is probably the best example of a very prosperous influencer. Even though you may despise her, she is a genius when it comes to marketing techniques.

Influencers are getting richer through M-commerce. This is basically a fancy term for shopping on your phone. You can click on almost anything on Instagram and purchase it. Influencers on Instagram can score marketing sponsorships with as few as 10,000 followers. This can result into small monetary rewards or free products…I know I have a little way to go! The goal is 1 million followers…in my Austin Powers voice….then you can collect around $15,000 per post…

An successfully influencer has established some kind of credibility and a following. The key is trustworthiness and credibility. I am a mini-micro-influencer…slowly building my audience…being consistent is key!

In my life I tend to influence people with my spirit. I am not making this up…I am told this quite frequently…”if you could bottle that!”….but I can’t and it’s hard to spread this “spirit” virtually…although it may come across in my blogs a little.

It is so simple though. Basically; I have nothing to complain about, I try to look at things in a positive light…I smile a lot (my dimples are a huge advantage, I will admit)…and I like fashion. It is my way to express my creativity. I have also expanded my total look by exploring skin care products and make-up a little more than I used to. Simply because I am getting older and all that smiling has created some major creases. My motto is “age ain’t nothing but a number” but I feel a lot younger than my age, therefore I am trying to not look my age either. You dig? Fountain of Youth

In addition to that I try to get plenty of sleep, “exercise”, drink lots of water and eat right…operative word: try. Broken record? Maybe! But all of the above are fairly easy to do if you are blessed enough to be healthy. This circles right back to “nothing to complain about”…I have my health, a roof over my head, ridiculously awesome friends, equally amazing family. For me it’s easy to say, I am very blessed!

Meanwhile, keep sharing, liking and commenting on my blogs. I have it plublished on as many social media outlets as I can think of….maybe…one day: 10,000? I don’t need much…free products I will be just fine with..


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