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Computer Face

Did you know that blue light from devices can actually be harmful to your skin!?! before I call BS on this…I had to do some homework!

The term “computer face” derives from premature skin aging caused by desktop computers. Studies show that 60% of people spent more than 6 hours a day in front of a digital device…I believe this number is probably on the low side. The good news is this  only applies to older computers! Newer computers and laptops don’t emit UV light at all. Phew! The thing you will have to watch is that when you use your devices outside in the sun they can put your skin at greater risk because your screen can act like a mirror.


The difference between UV light and Blue light….in my lingo: UV light wiggles more.(Fact:like my aura) If you want to get technical; UV light is a light of higher frequency. Sunlight is the main source of blue light, which we all know can be bad for your skin.  I never knew that blue light emitted by devices such as computers and smart phones could be bad for your skin before until I saw an ad for  Lumivive which claims to defend your skin against these harmful rays…for a mere $265.00 a set. Before you run out to get this stuff; the blue light shining onto your lovely skin from a device is only a fraction of what the sun produces. You’re welcome! Just saved you some dough…but in Lumivive’s defense it also protects your skin from other “damaging environmental aggressors”.  If you are truly concerned about the rays from your computer damaging your skin you can simply put sunscreen on.


The bad news is that “computer face” also translates into sagging faces and turkey necks due to frowning while we are using the computer….but smiling is not great either for our increasingly wrinkly faces. WTF is a girl to do. My advice is; avoid squinting while using your computer and don’t constantly look down at your phone this is will shorten the neck muscle which will go saggy. Try to take regular breaks if you have no choice but to stare at a computer all day…do those funky neck exercises I showed you waaaaay back..

Most importantly Blue Light effects your eyes, beware of that. Your eye sight is definitely more important than a turkey neck….




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