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Fashion “Newbies”

Fashion trends do rotate. But sometimes there are some newbies on the block…or at least to me. Please correct me if I am wrong.img_9955

You can channel your inner super hero and hop on the cape trend. The cape jackets, sweaters and dresses. They hit the red carpet years ago, I believe I first spotted one of these in 2012 on Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars? That white one, it is true classic. But the cape dresses are just recently making their way into mainstream fashion. (mainstream as in New York & Co.). I am not surprised by that because let’s be honest; how often do you come across an event where you would say “my cape dress would be perfect for this!”. It is definitely a statement piece though. It is also a definite no-no for me because I would act a fool and do the “superman” all night. From a fashion point of view (for sane people) it is a yes. They are flattering and you will surely make an impact.

Slit sleeve blazers are a result of the cape sleeve. My theory behind this is that capes won’t allow normal movement. You have to be a very composed person to pull the cape dress or jacket off. Slit sleeve blazers, however, stay on your shoulder without bunching up but still give you a funky sleeve. A sleeve that would still get on my nerves and will end up in whatever I am eating but that is besides the point. Just like the dress mentioned above; these pieces are memorable and will most likely get you a lot of compliments.img_9936

The cape sweater is comparable to a poncho but the arm openings are strategically placed for the sweater to look more like a cape. This look was most likely around in the seventies, I won’t label this as a “newbie”….revamped, recycled maybe? It looks amazingly comfortable which makes it tempting for me to purchase…but it also reminds me of a few batwing sweaters that I already own. I am trying to be sensible here peeps!img_9910


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