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I am a sucker for any thing fuzzy. It may not be age appropriate but fuzzy and pink even more so. Don’t worry after my 40th I learned to stick with just fuzzy….no mas pink. You can understand my excitement for this years shearling and faux fur abundance in stores. Basically because I can get away with wearing it again…not like I ever stopped! But now I can replenish my stock. Even if I have to shop at Forever is so on!

Guide to wearing your fuzzies:

  • Try to stick to jackets and cardigans. Anything bulky will never be flattering but if you can still give your silhouette a little peek-a-boo, only half of the damage will be done.
  • Wear a solid color underneath your faux furs.
  • Keep accessories to a minimum. It can all add up to be a bit much. Try to avoid that “Miss Hannigan” feel.
  • Do wear your teddy cardigan with faux leather leggings. The contrast of edgy and soft is really cool. You may even add some Chucks!
  • For both faux shearling and faux fur I wou recommend sticking to neutral colors. At our age that is.

I have a faux fur jacket that I have not worn yet because it looks so real, it’s scary. But it also adds so much glam that it is almost too much for me…maybe I should try wearing it with jeans to tone it down a bit. (update shall follow..) Leopard print coats are a hot commodity right now but I just don’t have the face for it. I do think they are absolutely fab though….so never say never.

I do love faux fur accents. It jazzes up any coat collar and adds a subtle touch of luxury. Unlike the in-yo-face-glam of the whole coat. Missouri’s house of style delivers custom made items as shown below. I own the collar and the cuffs and they are always a hit.

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