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Ugg life

I may step on a few toes. But you probably won’t care because if you are wearing these your toes will not be as jacked up as mine due to the space they will actually have in these monstrosities. I do not have any love for Uggs or Crocs. I don’t care how comfy they are! I was slightly intrigued when Jeremy Scott came out with his Ugg line. His Ugg Life boots did put a smile on my face. That doesn’t mean I need them in my life….

In Uggs defense; they did come out with a few cute very comfy wedges. Ooh and my bestie has these really cool Sorel like snow boots by Uggs, the Adirondack Ugg boot. I guess in general, what I am referring too is the classic Ugg boot….but…as always; to each its own! But somethings ain’t for everybody.


And uhm…..Crocs…I will keep all comments to myself.

I get that loving “child-been-there-done-that” smile on my face when I see the “youth” wearing Timberlands and Docs. I honestly was never a huge Doc girl but I rocked my knee high Timberlands for years.


If you want to get with the current trend and not look too clunky try the Timberland London Square boots. They are a bit more feminine than the classic boots and made out of leather rather than the classic nubuck. In any case you can sport them with leggings, tights and jeans of course. In my quest for comfort; I like to wear my boots like I sport my sneakers. Don’t be afraid to pair them up with some funky tights and a lacy skirt. Yes even at our age!

Pictures are courtesy of my daughter from another mother. She is far more trendy than I am and will always keep me on my toes! @TheSalonArnhem


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