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NIA/Strivectin review

Not into Aging? Who the hell is right? But since we have no choice….I got suckered into buying a NIA Strivectin set. Not knowing that NIA literally stands for Not Into Aging. Most likely patented. Suckered because it was on sale, and I had a coupon…and a gift card….and it was on sale! The price was also due to the size of the packaging (big boxes, small tubes) but it will give me an opportunity to try it before I spent possible big bucks.

The mistake I possibly made is that I used my facial scrubber before I applied my night time layer of NIA stuff.  Like in that scrub-my-face-off kinda way. Therefore my trial products stung a little the first day. My trial resulted in good and bad news…

The bad first: StriVectin Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles (around $60) I had to stop using the eye cream after 2 days. Now mind you I had a cold, plus maybe dry air from heaters….lack of sleep….you name it but it completely backfired on me. The area around my eye became increasingly wrinkly. I went right back to my old faithful No.7.

There is a lot of good news though!

I am not sure if the cleanser contributes to the firmer skin but I will give it an honorable mention. Strivectin Multi-Action Moisture Matrix Melting Cleanser ($30.00). Who comes up with these names?! I guess it will properly prep your skin for all the other stuff to come.

StriVection Multi action stress defense hydrating water gel. Claims to repair and recharge the look of overstressed skin for a radiant glow…wow…all that for around $59.00. I honestly like the way it feels and I do see the positive effects on my skin. This is a rough time for your skin to begin with. The cold air outside, the dry heat inside…therefore I feel like we might need an extra boost of water gel.

StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream. This stuff runs around $95.00 for the full size. I have been buying it for $15.00 in the trial sizes. But holy sh*t batman, this actually works. It is well worth the investment, although I will probably continue to buy the mini’s. I just wonder if this stuff works forever or will your skin actually get tired of it at one point. Things that make me go mmmm…..I will follow up on that…

Last but not least: StriVectin SD advanced intensive concentrate for wrinkles and stretch marks. Full size around $79.00. Seems kinda odd that you can apply this to inner thighs and face but it works around the lip area. For those age-telling lip creases and slightly sagging cheeks. I honestly do feel like there is an improvement even if I am possibly not supposed to put it above my lip…I will take it…in the trial size!

The whole regiment will set you back around $263.00. I am still on a mission to try other stuff but so far this stuff looks pretty good….minus the eye stuff!

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