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Still Not Into Aging

Someone commented today that my skin looked exceptionally smooth. Coming from my “I-wanna-be-like-you-when-I-grow-up” fab, fave 80 year old, I have to take this seriously.

Today’s secret is a combination of a few. First of all: a good night sleep and hydration. Secondly an array of products! It’s work to look “exceptionally smooth”. I am still on a StriVectin kick. This time the Power Starters which includes my favorite neck cream. This kit also includes a serum for the face and eyes. The tightening serum for the face seems to work. It definitely tightens the skin and appears to have a firming effect. Remember I wasn’t too keen on the StriVectin eye cream Not Into Aging The serum in combination with all about eyes works! Whether this is thanks to Clinique or StriVectin…..I won’t know until I use them separately I guess..

What also may have helped my “exceptionally smooth” look is Vichy Aqualia Thermal which I lathered over the serum. Yup that is up to 5 products already. Yaiks! Plus my “can’t-live-without” Revitalift…makes it 6. But yet we make it look effortless, right ladies?

The true star award of this day may have to go to my Dr. Perricone tinted firming moisturizer. Seven! Yasss! It is all for the sake of research, because I am lazy. Remember?

I did some digging on the myth of having to switch up your skin care products. This turns out to be busted. Long term use of anti-aging products actually benefit your skin. There may be less of a surge in your collagen production after a month or so, but stopping at any time would actually lead to a dramatic drop. You can even lose the collagen previously produced. With my start and stop method I actually lower my overall collagen production. All beauty bloggers are doomed! Thank god there are so many other products to try out.

On that note: for the sake of my collagen production, I will use up my StriVectin and carry on with my No.7 for my face for a while. There are a lot of other things I want to try out so do not fear. I will not leave you (and your skin) hanging!

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