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My mind always wonders about silly stuff. This time my curiosity was piqued by my obsession with chap stick. Why is it that my lips get so dry, dryer than any other body part. Things that make me go: mmmmm…

Apparently our lips don’t have oil-producing glands. The rest of our body does have these except for our lips, the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet. I understand the last two but not quite sure why our lips don’t need oil. Maybe it’s a Chapstick Conspiracy…

The skin on your face is thinner that the rest of your body as well. As a result your lips will become dry when they are exposed to cold air, dry air, sunlight and wind. The other down side is that your lips are right near your tongue…another mmmm?! Stop licking your lips when your lips feel dry! LL must have the chappiest lips on earth! It is almost an automatic thing; you lick your lips when they are dry. It is moisture right? But for some reason I can’t explain; saliva evaporates and makes your lips drier than they were before.

Solutions? Stay hydrated; lots of water. Use a humidifier at home or anywhere there is a lot of dry heat. You can even find a small humidifier for your car. Avoid cold weather conditions! (SRSLY?) if that is not an option; cover your mouth with a scarf. For you lucky peeps in a warm climate; use sunscreen on your lips. Last but not least; apply lip balm!

Favorites? La Roche Posay Nutritic Lips was recently recommended to me and I will definitely give it a shot even though it  is not cheap, she swears by it. Chapstick seems to be a great solution, but if it actually is, why do we need so much of it? mmmmm….

Two things I do like and seem to be effective: Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. The one in the tin. The other is a little more pricey and claims to be a night mask: Laneige sleep mask, but this also doubles as lipbalm/lipgloss type of deal. Once again something I got hooked on due to my sample addiction. I will try the intense night treatment by Burt too. Cheaper and hopefully just as effective!

Last but not least: before you go to bed, scrub your lips with a soft toothbrush and open up a Vitamin E oil capsule and rub this on your lips. That reminds me; someone told me she put that on her eyes to fight wrinkles. I will keep you posted!

Coming soon: the joy of feathering!

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