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New Year’s Resolutions

Ah yes the time of the year for New Years resolutions! Maybe quite logically so, these don’t differ too much worldwide. Last year in the US, the top 3 was equally shared by: eat healthier, get more exercise and save (more) money. Closely followed by self care, as in getting more sleep and read more…I guess reading more could fall into self care since reading can be quite relaxing.

The statistics for “romantic” resolutions do differ between men and women. The first one not surprisingly so. 34% of men would like more sex in the new year….16% of women will concur. Unexpectedly so; men also lead in the percentage in wanting to find love and start a family respectively 17% and 9%….women 12% and 5%. Although logically it all circles back to the wanting more sex because you might need love for that and you may end up creating a family! Just my train of thought.

I put my New Years resolutions for last year in my phone in order to remind myself. The first one was: to text people back right away. If I don’t respond to a text the minute I receive it…I will forget. I think I have gotten 80% better with this…still working on my work e-mail though…Second was: reach out to people when I think about them…this started out strong but has faltered since then. Exercise was on my list…and will continue to pop up every spring. There was a personal issue I am still dealing with but I will take care of that shortly and last but not least: take care of me! Hair, nails, get a physical, massage, facial, dentist, eye and ear test(!)…this one is also still a work in progress. Hence, my list for 2019 will be the exact same one as the one for 2018!

I know you have to start small with resolutions, they should be feasible. Experts recommend to stick to changing one behavior pattern at a time. Although most of them seem to intertwine. You should also tell people about your resolutions since you will be more likely to execute them. Your friends will hold you accountable….I know mine will!!

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