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Kicking bad habits

All bets were off since Thanksgiving week! And for the first time ever I am done with eating without boundaries. Even though, surprisingly so since I have been eating like a moose, my weight gain over the past month is minimal. My fluffiness, however, is at its max. Mentally I am also completely saturated; that overall feeling of “bleeeeeh”. As much as I love my French fries…

Don’t get me wrong; I got it in straight through New Years eve. Two sloppy Joe’s, chips, alcohol. But I am so looking forward to my salads again, exercising and hopefully walking: weather permitting.

The hardest thing is kicking the sugar habit. Funny because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. It is in the little snacking in between….during the holiday season this is mostly in the form of cookies. I think my increase in sugar is now making me hungry quicker. I am not sure if that is a thing though.

My biggest downfall is my coffee. I like my coffee a tad bit sweet. I allowed myself to get my 5 grams of sugar in my morning coffee in the form of flavored creamers. I do realize this adds up. I tried Walden Farms coffee creamer but the artificial sugar aftertaste is too overpowering for me. Right now I am mixing Skinny Syrup with fat free milk. This is amazing! You only need the tiniest bit of sugar because it is so sweet. It is sweetened with Sucralose….not sure how healthy that is…probably just as unhealthy as my Equal. Both are considered to be “safe” when used in moderation. Like everything else right? The supposedly truly “healthy” sweeteners are: Stevia, Erythrihol, Xylitol and Yacon syrup. I will be switching to Stevia, that is easily done, but I will stick to my Skinny Syrups too…for now..

There is that nasty word again “moderation”…yuck. I will eat a boat load of fruit. I don’t believe that those sugars make us fat. I know, I know…no such thing as healthy sugars. I overheard someone say that they lost weight by substituting dried fruit for candy bars. I can’t recall the last time I ate a full size candy bar and yes I am well aware that 4 mini ones equals to the same thing! Dried fruit can be highly nutritious. One piece of fried fruit contains the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruit but in a condensed package. By weight, dried fruit contains more fiber, vitamins and minerals of fresh fruit. Good to know right? There is a “but” though! There are exceptions; the vitamin C content, for example, is significantly reduced when fruit is dried. Mmmmmm….

All fruits contain natural sugar. Because all water has been removed from dried fruit, the result is a very high dose of calories and sugar in a smaller package. There you go! I will just keep peeling my oranges. And since dried fruit is filling and are loaded with anti-oxidants I will snack on my dried apricots in moderation! Ewwe…is there another word for that?

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