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“New” jeans styles

I may not be the right person to discuss jeans….cause they are not my favorite thing in the world. I am more for comfort but I do try to keep up with the current trends or reoccurring trends I should say. That is one accepted hoarder item: jeans! Hold on to them because you will have that “I-used-to-own-a-pair-of-those” moments as you are spending money on a new version.


Wide Legs are coming back. Full straight down wide legs….not always ideal for anyone under 5’4″, unless you’re more leg than torso. This style works best with a high waist but make sure this is exposed by wearing a shorter shirt or tucking it in. Shorter at our age does not mean crop top!

Animal print jeans…..I did cave for these. Got myself this leopard print pair. I stuck with the subtle print. Think they will great with my black Adidas kicks.

Colored denim is reappearing on the fashion scene too. I used to own pink jeans; not hoarder worthy. I wouldn’t mind a pair of red jeans but it looks like the colored jeans for the spring are more in earthy tones and pastels.

You will also see a split wash come back . If you’re able to find the right pair of these, they can also will create an optical illusion of longer legs, smaller hips and all that other good stuff. Since it works like color blocking…..lighter color on the inside, darker line on the outside…ya know what I’m saying? I love this Free People pair below…don’t like Free People prices though….

All “bee there, done that” right? Like the button fly! I can dig this with a high rise waist…or the good ole 501? What may be new (at least to me) are the jeans with splits on the side to show some leg. Although they may’ve been around in the 70’s?

I wasn’t too excited when I noticed carpenter jeans are back too. Until I saw the new styles. They are skinnier and stretchy…..although I am not sure if everyone will be happy with a pocket on their hip. You may still sport the baggy, boyfriend style as well if that is your cup of tea…I used to love them!  As far as waist rises go in jeans this season; any height is fashionably correct. Distressed is still ok too. Yay!

I notice the “youth” is sporting the extreme high waisted versions with bare midriffs and crop tops. Nothing wrong with high waists at our age. Muffin tops don’t stand a chance in these things, plus they make your ass look great…but let’s skip the bare midriff when your over a certain age…pretty please…I just read a review of a book called “Women Rowing North” by Mary Pipher. It is about aging joyfully rather than “settling for a diminished version of our younger selves”….my point exactly!

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