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Manes II

Working on one of my resolutions; taking better care of myself. My cheap, lazy self has taken care of my own hair dyeing over the past few decades. I have tried every “natural” shade of hair color. Meaning that I never ventured out to pinks and blues. Lately my DIY box habit resulted in monthly root rescues, which then lead to my own version of an ombre effect: dark roots on top, my touch up from the month before in the middle leading into the natural color at the ends…Not to mention what the back looked like when I pulled it up in a ponytail! Hey it takes skill to get it like that!

Long story short; I finally went to a salon to get my hair dyed. I trust my girl there and I am happy I did it….am I becoming a “high maintenance” chick now? Because this means I have to go back for touch ups….that’s the same thing that nail lady said LOL

All joking aside; I will get in the car with wet hair, roll my windows down and “air dry” my hair. I don’t own a blow dryer. Before a night out I may curl my ends in but this usually results in me wondering if I unplugged that thing all night long…


What I have learned from the professionals is that I can actually brush my wet hair. There is such a thing as a “wet brush”! I currently only own a wide tooth comb and a fine tooth comb, the latter to pull my hair back with. A wet brush detangles your hair without tears or damage, because it will glide through your hair without pulling or tugging. I have seen them on-line varying from $6 to around $25, so it won’t break your bank. These wet brushes are fine for my thin straight hair but may not be ideal when your hair is curlier.


A higher end wet brush is available at Ulta by the name of EPIC Profressional Deluxe Shine brush with exclusive InstellFlex brushes for a mere $23.99. Sounds amazing right? It gets stellar reviews too. Or you can get the OG wet brush for $8.99 which seems to work just as well according to the fans.

When I pointed out the funky bob of one of the stylists, my stylist explained that would be a perfect cut for my hair type, but it would require “styling”. Exsqueeze me? Roller brush and blow dryer…I have had to cut a roller brush out of my hair once cause I managed to get my hair completely tangled up in it. I now know this is caused by “over-rolling”. Danielle rocks!

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