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Body shifting

I might have to put a readers warning on this one…cause this is slightly depressing…as if this aging thing is fun to begin with! First of all it turns out that aging bodies need fewer calories…although that is something we can control. Secondly; the female body shifts…and that is completely out of our control. Last but not least; we will al shrink LOL

Where should I start? The calories? I think this is geared toward 60 and up but take this as preventive care. We need the same nutrients as the young’uns but in different amounts. Smaller portions of French fries you mean?!? It is all about metabolism, this slows down in your mid 30’s. As you get older your muscle mass will decrease and your metabolism will slow down because of it. Since we can’t turn back the clock and there is no actual fountain of youth…there are a few things you can do about this. It all boils right back down to the same thing: Stay active; weight exercises and walking are key to build muscle mass and burn calories. Watch what you eat: lots of fruits, veggies and fiber. Last but not least; watch your alcohol intake. Hey don’t shoot the messenger!

This next one is a doozy! The shape of our body changes as we get older. Yay! Can this be in the form of bigger boobs and a tighter derriere? Of course not!! Even if you are not gaining weight; fat will shift to the mid-section after menopause, and in men…yes they are not spared this time…it is due to dropping testosterone levels. Another joyous fact is that our hip bones never stop growing. Hence; the spreading!  And all these things are beyond our control.

Then there is the height loss, so much to look forward to. Due to the changes in your bone mass you shrink about 1 centimeter a decade, this accelerates after the age of 70. No worries though, overall a person may lose between 1 to 3 inches in height in their lifetime. The good news is that this is partially in our control by doing weight-bearing exercises, walking and getting your calcium in. Oh and somehow tobacco is mentioned….cut it out!

Overall motto: Just take care of yourself, so you can grow older gracefully and in good health. Remember, we are like fine wine: we get better with age…with a richer, fuller body!

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