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Justifiable “splurges”

There are a few items in my category of “oh-snap-this-sh*t-actually-works” items. I prefer when the expensive stuff doesn’t work because then I don’t feel compelled to buy it ever again and that almost feels like a victory to me. I can justify the luxury items because I have an array of cheap stuff to compensate for it. Cheap tricks

A splurge for me may be peanuts to some. I will never spend $200 on LaMer for example although I am sure it’s good stuff. It works for my girl J.Lo. $75.00 for a day cream is considered an investment to me. This is way up from my favorite No.7, their day creams are priced around $25.00 which I used to think was a fortune.

Perricone MD has a few products that are worth the money, that I know of. I haven’t tried all their stuff…and I have to be honest I only bought it because it was half off on GMA deals….so technically I cheated on this splurge. My current favorite is their Face Finishing & Firming tinted moisturizer broad spectrum SPF 30. It is very light weight and lifts while it gives you a little glowly coverage. Did you know that any sun protection factor that has “broad spectrum” in front of it can claim the reduce of skin cancer and early skin aging if used as directed? (just looked that up myself).

Strivectin Neck is another. A full size jar can set you back around $85.00 but it is so worth it. Not Into Aging. All StriVectin seems to work for me with the exception of the eye creams. I have yet to find an “angelic-aaaaah” under eye cream.

I am grateful for my stringy hair because it doesn’t like the expensive stuff and I feel that could be a worthy splurge too. I have tried Redken Color Extend Magnetic shampoo which probably works fab on thicker hair. But the only magnetic force I got was a static one.

I will not be stingy anymore on my nails and hair. Although you still won’t catch me at a fancy smancy salon. My girl at the Hair Cuttery is equally if not more talented. Getting my hair dyed, rather than attempting to do this myself, is definitely worth every penny.

And honestly most of it is justifiable, because how long does the stuff last? Divvy it up by those days and it sounds a lot cheaper. At the same token I will drop over a hundred for a concert ticket…and how long does that last? No, that’s a bad comparison, because memories last forever…but you know what I mean right?

Honorable mention @dvdomyhair and @revivespanj

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