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Winter gear

We may act our shoe size when it comes to winter head gear! A few years back my bestie and I noticed we were soooo not trendy walking around NYC without a giant pom-pom on our knitted beanies. Once we finally mastered the awkwardness of one of these things bouncing on your head, we realized we were soooo 2017…because SRSLY…you now need two fuzzy balls to be “in” with the hipsters. Yes even at our age; it is totally acceptable.

Another hot commodity are the gigantic fuzzy ear warmers, with or without technology on the inside. My mom made us wear those things back in the day and we really didn’t want to because they looked so silly. And they still do!! But now it is socially permitted. These are on my list of I-don’t-care-how-hip-they-are-not-doing-it….although they don’t mess up your hair as bad as a beanie….mmmm….Another down-side though: I can’t hear as is!

I am usually not a go with the flow kind of person. My unruly inner child does not like to conform. For that same reason I have a love/hate relationship with my newly acquired puffer coat. Granted; I love it! It is super warm. It literally feels likeam wrapped in a comforter. I did notice yesterday that I blend into the masses of black puffers out there. I don’t blame them; we are all trying to stay warm. We all want a color that goes with everything. We still all look like Michelin men. It is almost impossible to drive wearing one of these puppies. Not to mention that these coats are far from flattering. Ooh my coat has a fuzzy ball….maybe that’ll set me aside from the herd? Or would I need two fuzzy balls? 🙂

They are better for your overall look if you get a thinner, less poufy version. Even though you  may compromise on the luxurious warmth, you should be ok if you find one with actual down in it. These feathers actually trap heat and are fairly light and compact. I would love to get my hands on one of those packable puffers when they go on clearance. A bright yellow one! or at least something different than the masses.

Side note; if you are looking for a warm winter coat that is more dressy and less poufy, opt for a coat in a wool blend. Wool has the great ability to keep you warm as well…

Should I mention gloves too? I should invest in a good waterproof pair…or maybe even leather…but I lose them…Never fails! For that reason I make sure I have a supply of dollar store specimens. One pair in my bag, one pair in my coat pocket…one in my car…it somehow works for me!

In this region we are going to have a cold, snowy weekend. Defenitilty not my favorite thing in the world..but…..only 44 days until spring people!!!!

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