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Killer Skin Masks

For starters: I came up with this before Olay’s Super Bowl add….just saying! Thanks to my Allure Beauty Box I own a ton of masks. I was not aware that there is basically a mask for every body part. I used to prepare my own at home concoctions with yogurt and honey, but after one massive break-out I let that be.

I am funny because I would never go to bed with a facial mask on while I was sharing my bed with a significant other. I can only imagine how much of a turn off that would be. Since I now have the joy of rolling around in my queen size bed all by myself I have made an exception with the SIO patches but I still felt self-conscious for some strange reason….

The new masks aren’t the crazy mud-like green mixtures anymore. The ones that harden on your face, crack when you move and are almost impossible to wash off….the now come in “convenient” sheet masks and silicone masks.

I started out with a “Water Melon Glow Jelly Sheet mask” with a unique, oil-free jelly hydro gel. It claims that you won’t be able to tell you have a mask on and you can wear it “on-the-go”. IF you are able to get it on in one piece…maybe. First of all, I would love to know who packages this things? They are folded origami style in some kind of paper with the jelly to fit into the watermelon wedge. They are almost impossible to unfold without tearing…but you all know I have that patience issue…I believe this is a two person job. The receiver needs to be able to lie still as the other places the mask on your face. This is if the conductor is able to unfold it! Even though this was a complete failed attempt for me, mask wise, I did leave the jelly junk on my face while I took a nap. The result was refreshing. As advertised; it hydrates and depuffs. Therefore I will try this again…patiently…..and maybe with some help! It will be worth the 8 bucks…

Maybe I am just a lost cause on this topic, because I couldn’t keep the sheet mask on either! Unless I am flat on my back for 20 minutes…ain’t nobody got time for that. The brand “I Dew Care” sells a box with 14 sheet masks, all for different skin “concerns” called “Let’s get sheet faced”. This makes a great gift for $25.00. All the I Dew Care products are awesomely packaged and smell amazing!

The good news is that there are patches. Like fragmented masks, they are easier to apply and have more staying power. Patchology has 5-minute hydro gel flash patches for your eye and lip area, as well as almost every other body part. I started out with these two, the Wink & Kiss set. Since I am all for instant results I am feeling the eye patches. I have a bad habit of not taking my make-up off when I come home late at night, the same culprit causes me to not get my 8 hour sleep…so you can imagine what my bags will look like in the morning. These patches actually will make you look a little more presentable for the remainder of the day! You may leave them on for 5 minutes or preferable a little longer for a little pick-you-up. A pack of 5 will set you back about $15.00. Not too shabby right?

There is so much more! Lip masks, foot masks….to be continued!

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