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Valentine’s day Smalentine’s day

Call me bitter but I have never been a fan of Valentine’s day. Every day should be Valentine’s day right? Or Galentine’s day for that matter. I use this same excuse to my mom on Mother’s day, and especially my dad, since Father’s day is always almost forgotten.

I now know that someone can’t make you happy, you have to do that by yourself. A partner is an added bonus though. Waking up next to someone is golden and meant to be, I still in believe that too.

Human beings are meant to be paired up. If being single is the norm then why is every book, every song, every movie etc. about love and couples? And a lot of heart break as well, by the way. But I was talking to a couple today who have known each other for 67 years and they are still smiling ear to ear. That to me is absolutely amazing!

I will share one single dilemma with you. The top part of your back, right above the center of your shoulder blades, how do you get lotion there? And I am pretty limber! So here is to all the single peeps with dry *ss upper backs. We should create a device for this…or just use a back brush? Mmmm…

So to all you love birds out there; I hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s day! I would go out to dinner a few days later to stay away from the crowds and the high bill, but guys; don’t do that on your first Valentine’s day together! And please continue to treat each other as you do on February 14th throughout the year.

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