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Eyeliners II

So many responses to my first eye-liner review and I tried have so many more!

First and foremost; Lasting Drama Light Line by Maybelline: please pick up one of these! They claim to make you look like you have gotten eight hours of sleep and I believe this to be partially true. This liner will give you a bright eye appearance. I am not sure if it actually works as well after a sleepless night. It may not be the purpose of the liner but it is hard to blend it in. It will show as an actual line…a pretty line…and it is smudge and waterproof.

I tried my friend’s suggestion of lining my eyes with eye shadow. “Wet an eyeliner brush and turn powder into paste, make line as thick or thin as needed. Blend for a natural look, leave unblended for a bolder look”. This actually works although it takes some practice to get the right moisture level on your brush. Since my skin is a little oily the eye shadow liner rubbed off on my upper lid which gave me an instant smoky eye. Due to the same skin texture, the liner did not last as long on me as a liquid liner or a waterproof Julep gel pencil. But all in all it is worth a shot, plus you can experiment with colors! Just stay away from the electric blues!

Eye shadow attempt after a day…no too shabby!

It beats Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in black. At least for me! Primarily because I can’t seem to draw a subtle line with a pencil. Secondly because my skin is just not that taut canvas anymore…this pencil involved some tugging. Therefore I am not entirely knocking this product since these are clearly personal short comings!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Sexy Kitten by Tarte also didn’t do the trick for me. So I am picky about these things! Don’t get me wrong; the pencil tip is great for a more delicate line but it takes some muscle to actually get a dark line. This translates into pulling and tugging, which is a no-no for the aging eye lid…as we all know by now..

Conclusion: I am sticking to my Wet N Wild liquid liner and my Julep gel pencils. I hope these other methods work for you though!

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