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Foundation part deux

How to apply foundation to our maturing skin? The first part naturally is prepping the surface. Once again; hydration is key. Not just with the right moisturizers but also by making sure you are actually hydrated by getting the right amounts of fluids in your system.

The right moisturizer I haven’t truly touched base on. I will always stay true to No.7 for my face. Some advise to add a drop of face oil to your moisturizer on your cheeks and chin. Had this been my whole face I would go for it but this once again sounds like a lot of work!  I have also read to add a primer to my routine to prep for foundation. Another layer? Only if I can achieve an illusion of a “natural” look then I will give it a try for the sake of research.

Some claim you only need a primer in places were the foundation may get caught in creases or wrinkles in order to create a smoother canvas. I found a sample tube of a moisturizer with a primer: Hello Fab Coconut Smoothie Moisturizing Primer…sounds mistake proof. Sadly it works…but I refuse to add it to my daily routine…maybe when I am even older. Another tip is to use eye shadow primer on your wrinkles and creases…

After the primer you may use your fingers to apply your foundation. Somehow our fingers weren’t good enough anymore about three years ago and make-up sponges started being sold every where. They don’t come cheap either! The silicone egg cracks me up the most and I have not discovered the benefit of this freaky thing. I will buy a bag of the wedges, they last me for a while. You can set and even out your make-up by wetting the sponge slightly and dab it all over your grill for a perfect blend.

Then there are the setting sprays and the powders. No thank you…I am scared my dimples will crack will all those layers. I have read that you can use hair spray to set your make up?! Don’t  try this at home please. The one extra step I will take but it is not an every day thing is No.7 Instant Illusion wrinkle filler. It is like Botox in a tube and for a lot less than a needle!

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