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Eyeliners tested

I hate to keep bringing up this “age-thing” but it is also why I started this blog. The joy of aging!!

I have been wearing eyeliner all my adult life. As a teenager; to great dismay of my grand mother. The variation of thickness of the liner and the color have changed throughout the years. As the skin gets drier around the eyes, the task of applying eyeliner becomes an increased challenge. Especially for she who manages to nearly poke her eye out with a mascara wand at least twice a week. The addition of creases in the skin don’t make it any easier. But as always; I will be your Guinea pig…since I don’t believe in actual animal testing.

The actual eye liner that have tips like sharpies, you may want to let go of. There are a few exceptions. I still favor the liner with a brush, the substance is easier to get on my old skin and seems to last longer. Although I have recently gone back to pencils as well, which give a softer look. Plus you can actually experiment with different subtle colors. Please leave the electric blue in the eighties! I have also added the lighter pearly shades to my list, these claim to give you a more “awake” look…

Good news or bad news first? Good news! My favorite liner is also the cheapest! It stays on all day and works just fine with these aging lids, as shown in the featured photo. Wet n Wild Megaliner liquid in black for approximately $2.50.

The good, the “bad”…

The other cheaper one on my list is by Maybeline. (I have a ton of eye liners since these seem to be the fave give-away in the beauty box). The Maybeline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Liner to be precise. I am sorry to say that I am not a fan. It was not easy to get on, and it didn’t last at all. With these tips I tend to make my lines way too thick as I am trying to get the line above my eye to actually be solid black. The good thing about it that it is affordable at $7.99.

I was excited to try Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner, she is the queen of liners right?! Once again a fine tip brush with 325 (!) bristles. (So I have been told) The first time I used it, I loved it. I managed to create a pretty “evenish” line which lasted all day. Unfortunately I was not as enthused the next time I used it. It just didn’t go on as smoothly and dark as the first time. Maybe this was due to the fact that it was a sample size. A full size costs $20.00 which may be worth it if you are into the “wing-thing” but in my opionion, no-one in their late forties should have wings of any kind.

I then tried my complimentary EYOKO eye liner. Also in the high end of eye liners for around $22.00. All I can say; not made for the aging eye lid. I am sure it will go on smooth and last on a taut twenty year olds’ lid but for me….not so much…

Julep eye liner pencil

In order to not discriminate I also tried Julep eye liner pencils. I received the great gift of various colors of this amazing liner in different hues for Christmas. It gives me a slight soft smoky eye look. I also use it underneath my eye for dramatic effect, and it lasts all day! I have now learned that it is a waterproof pencil with a gel formula. That is why it glides on easily without tugging or skipping! A single pencil will cost you around $16.00 but I would totally recommend the investment of $44.00 and get the 8 piece set with sharpener and pretty cosmetic bag.

But wait there’s more! Eyeliners II

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