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Throwback Kicks

The danger of wearing throw back sneaks at our age, is that it may look like we are stuck in that era. Or when we sport our New Balance kicks it looks like we actually need them for comfort and support….especially the Fila’s the “youths” are rocking again; I would totally get those for the sheer orthopedic comfort!

Photo by REX/Shutterstock (9448677cd) Street Style Street Style, Fall Winter 2018, Paris Fashion Week, France – 03 Mar 2018

I was tempted to purchase the old “new” Reeboks or should I refer to them as “retro”? Old skool? Someone kindly remarked that anything with Velcro I should stay away from. Not to mention that the “been-there-done-that” factor is so blatantly obvious….

Another High School flashbac: Tretorns. I never owned a pair, they were definitely the cheerleaders choice of sneakers as were Reeboks I believe.  All the kids are now wearing Vans, or have been for a few years I should say. Another great reason to stay away from them especially the black and white ones. Rule of thumb; don’t do it when a sentence starts with “all the kids are wearing”..

What can you still get away with you may ask? Well, even though they are slightly on the decline on the “new and cool” scale, Adidas Superstars. I own a pair in white with black stripes, light blue and white stripes and (yes!) red with pineapple print. Not totally practicing what I preach for my age but the latter were on clearance people! I love Superstars because they awesomely hide an amazing foot bed. Don’t tell the kids…

Another throwback on my wish list are the Classic Nike Cortez sneakers. Love that term “classic” and these are definitely that. They originally came out in 1972! These sneaks are also very comfortable and would look amazing with shorts. Speaking of Nike, I know the Huarache is making a huge come back . They were originally designed for running back in 1991. Since “all the kids are wearing them”, I am obviously not going there….

Last but not least; the Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor”. Definitely the oldest kid on the block since they were introduced in the 1920’s. They remarkably have always remained in style, therefore should technically not be on any throwback list. But they deserve an honorable mention. I own my fair share of Converse kicks. My favorites are the leather mid-rise versions. I am lucky enough to be able to purchase kids sizes to save a few bucks but also to get away with the Chucks. Some of friends with larger shoe sizes don’t like the Chuck Taylors since they do emphasize the length of your foot. This is amplified when you view them from the top, the overall view from another perspective is really not bad….I don’t  think you can ever go wrong with some Chucks.

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