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Happy Holidays!

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Both celebrate new beginnings from different perspectives. So for those of you who were planning on starting anew, trying something new or are just stuck in a rut….maybe today is the day!

At the risk of sounding either cheerfully optimistic or completely off my rockers; life is good. If you are blessed enough to be of good health and sound mind, you truly are a happy camper. I am in that boat; I honestly have nothing to complain about. Without boring you to death; the only thing I am starting anew is my life after a few years of healing. Even though I know I still have a ton to learn and figure out…but who doesn’t?! Right?

You can never go wrong with pastels for Easter!

At our age starting something new may be terrifying but if we do it in style we will be “ayaight”. With the help of some collagen and possible Vitamin C shots to help us through. I will get back to that shortly!

For now; happy holidays!! Carpe Diem! Loosely translated: make the most of today and don’t worry too much about the future!

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