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Spring Accessories

Shoes can make or break an outfit, but so can accessories. My motto is less is more when it comes to my custom jewelry. I narrow them down to either necklaces (yes multiple ones) and/or bracelets (also more than the average person would wear). Earrings have just never worked for me at all….mostly due to an infant hanging on my hoops back in the eighties….

Small sunglasses are supposed to be the in thing this year. Honestly not my cup of tea, I will keep sporting my aviators and big ass shades until they come back in style….cause everything is on a 5 year rotation remember?

One spring accessory I love are natural bags. These work best in a pet free house hold. Also keep in mind to keep them away form your chiffons, they will tear them up. They come in every single style you can imagine; from giant shoppers to mini cross bodies. They are made from straw, beads and even paper. I like to add the crochet bags to this trend too. Despite the fact that the get dirty quickly, they are too adorable to pass up.

I know we are divided when it comes to fanny packs. I will admit that they feel a little goofy when worn around the waist. But try to sport one cross body. It can exactly become part of a cool ensemble and still be amazingly practical!

All Zara

I am pretty sure that we have done the following before as well; tie scarves on bags? Not sure what era but I have a vague memory of it. I used to never leave the house without a giant scarf, no matter what the season was. Since then I have learned, they can be a bit much. Especially on a short frame. Being that I don’t like being cold, I will never stop wearing them in the winter though. So for now, I will try tying a small dainty one around the handle of my handbag. Such an effortless trend, anyone can do it!

When it comes to shoes; sculptured heels are popping up every where. I am an accidental fashionista in this category since I managed to find a perfect pair at Target on clearance a few months ago. My bestie is the best at spotting fun stuff on sale! Added bonus is that this heels are comfy as you-know-what. Wedges are still a great summer shoe as well. I don’t think they will ever go out of style…I love how comfortable they are…I just can’t dance in them! Sculptured heels to the rescue!

My Target find!

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