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Collagen Review

Ooh look I am actually doing a follow up! Which means I have been consistent with something. To refresh your memory; please refer back to Collagen Supplements Since then I have gotten rid of the giant pills. My whole team is on the powder, the collagen powder that is…

With the first batch I made the mistake of not ensuring that the powder was unflavored. It smelled like straight up manure which made it impossible to consume. Even in a shake, this stuff was unbearable. I have now resorted to unflavored powdered packages. These are less messy than the scoop and the powder but therefore also less economical. I am generally frugal but do not mind paying for a bit of convenience here and there. Marine collagen is supposed to be best for you, any plant based collagens not so much.

I am only in my third week of the flavorless powder but there are a few noticeable improvements. You may think this is too soon to judge but the first is undeniable; my nails. They have never grown this long while remaining strong. I catch myself tapping on my desk with them just cause I can.

My skin seems oilier, even though this may be the wrong terminology.  Plus an undeserving negative term; remember wrinkles are caused by dryness! So whether my skin is oily or dewey it beats being dry. The biggest change I feel is in my Sharpei look in the morning; it is less present.

A month ago I also started to feel my knees after a solid night of dancing. I was not dropping it like it’s hot too gracefully anymore. It may be collagen but I have danced since without any aches and pains.

My staff claims to have more energy since they have been on the powder as well as improvement in their hair. I can’t vouch for either one of those. We do share the same side effects which include feeling bloated and other digestive pleasures. These may both be a good thing since you feel more stuffed and you still make frequent bathroom visits. In the long run, weight loss may even be credited to collagen supplements.

The down side was something that I was not aware of just yet but it is apparent. Someone told me she stopped taking collagen due to excessive facial hair growth. It makes sense; collagen makes your hair grow. Evidently this doesn’t just apply to the hair on your head. I too have noticed an increase in peach fuzz. This same person told me to use a derma pen to remove light peach fuzz. This is also the biggest anti-aging trick since it exfoliates as well….more on this later!

An actual doctor told me that hydrolyzed collagen in powder form will work the best as where research shows that liquid collagen is more effective. So far the powder is doing just fine, thank you! He also advised to stop taking collagen for about a month after using it for three months…a long complicated reasoning followed. I just do as I am told! His advise was to also drink your collagen potion about an hour after you eat and absolutely never on an empty stomach. Gotcha Doc!

Remember that putting collagen directly on your skin will not do the trick. Your skin can’t absorb the collagen molecules since they are too big. Collagen and Vitamin C also go hand in hand. I have been studying up on Liposomal Vitamin C and will be trying this next. Stay tuned!

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