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I am naturally “blessed” with bushy brows. I say “blessed” now because thick brows are back in. Sculptured thick brows that is. Thicker brows will also give you a “younger” appearance, according to the experts.

I was an over plucker, mainly because thin eyebrows were a “thing”. Therefore I am now in the process of growing them back in. This development is more awkward than letting bangs grow back. Patchy brows are not cute! With some help of collagen and castor oil, I hope to be back to my Brooke-Shields brows before the thin ones are back in style.

There are a boatload of brow sculpture tools and enhancers popping up in the cosmetics aisles. I volunteered to possibly look like a fool to test these for you. Brows can mess up your entire look when done incorrectly. Be mindful when picking your color; you don’t want to go too dark or too light. Try to find your middle ground.

I started with the Maybelline TattooStudio Eyebrow Tint pen, $10.00. Almost mistake proof…almost because if you press too hard it is so easy to overdo it and this stuff is not easy to remove. It has a “prong” applicator that delivers “hair-like strokes”….not my words. This concoction is smudge proof, that is a fact! Because normally when I use stuff like this my brows will end up on my forehead.

Enter the Allure Beauty Box….*sigh*…they surprised me with a full size The BrowGal InstaTint. Double the price of the above mentioned, 22 dollars, but oooh-so-effective. It has the tiniest little brush, and some kind of micro-fiber substance which creates a natural look of hair. This formula also doesn’t smudge and lasts all day. Plus it comes in three tints. This same brand also sells Eye Brow setting gel but I don’t feel the need to double up. This seems to work fine all on it’s own.

For me it is a big step up from using the cotton swab on my brows with which I removed the excess mascara off my lids…that does the trick too by the way!

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