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Smile Direct Part One

Basically on a whim and a friendly referral I decided to get my teeth scanned for one of those invisible aligners. I had braces when I was 12 to correct my fangs. Due to our move to the US, my braces were removed prematurely, causing my fangs to slightly reappear. Something I have always regretted. I usually do my research but I went for it! In hindsight I should have done my homework better…

First and foremost; the timing! Being that you are not allowed to eat or drink anything except for water while wearing the aligners; any months with holidays in it is a terrible month to start. Or like me, I started in May. The beginning of summer.: cook-outs, Memorial Day, out door concerts, fourth of July, beach vacation. Not my brightest moment. The ideal time to start this would be January, since once you start wearing this puppies, you are on a involuntary diet. I am an all day snacker. No junk, but fruit and yogurt, coffee. Now I have to actually have meals followed by my coffee breaks. I find myself hangry at times, but I am trying to keep the aligners in as long as possible.

My first scan

Once I am done with my meal I have to brush and flush before I pop them back in. This usually after a frantic search since I tend to put them in a paper towel. Rule number two: use your travel case thingy! I have never brushed my teeth as often as I have now.

The first time I put them in I panicked and wanted to take them right back out, This is nearly impossible without the removal doohickey. Me, of course not the one to read the instruction booklet first, was about to toss the whole box in the garbage after I was frantically able to remove them. The new Me calms down and reads the instructions. A true eye opener! I am also not allowed to bite down on them to make sure there in place; there are chewy thingies for that. Achaa!

Pre Smile Direct

You also have to be prepared for “the lisp”. For some reason it becomes most apparent on the phone. Others say they don’t hear it all, but I feel slightly self conscious about it. I am also very aware that I have these things in my mouth while they are actually truly invisible.

In retrospect, I may have not stepped into a Smile Direct office had I read the orthodontist reviews. They, in turn, are most likely just trying to protect their paycheck. There are reports out there of people losing teeth and crowns while using these corrective retainers. I have a few old crowns and I am keeping a close eye on them. I will let you know how I make out after I am done with a full report. So far I am on week 2 and I actually see a difference in my bottom teeth. I just wonder how long they will stay straight once the program is completed. But let me see first how straight they will actually get.

To be continued….

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