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Lypo-Spheric Vitamine C

I may be bugging on this one. It may be a combination of a few things in my life, but may I get an angelic “Aaaaaah” for Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. It was recommended to me by someone who claimed it worked “miracles” for her skin. Why not try? It is Vitamin C…straight up…so it can’t be bad for you right?

I was slightly skeptical since you have to swallow this gob of Vitamin C on an empty stomach. I have taken vitamins on an empty stomach before and the outcome was not pretty. Once again for the love of you and the sake of research I sucked it up. The blob does not dissolve in water but it goes down easily. The taste is not bad either. Surprisingly, it did not make me nauseous. Insert the next challenge; don’t eat anything for another 15 minutes. This messed up my banana and coffee routine in the morning, but it’s a small price to pay.

Norcal Marine Collagen $29.95

Speaking of price; I bought the Vitamin C from my beloved Amazon for $32.95 for 30 packages. I still use collagen powder in my second cup of the day as well. Vitamin C will allow collagen to be absorbed more quickly as well. Hence my question if it is merely the Vitamin C blob that is making my skin appear so radiant. But there is definitely a difference in the glow! I am also not pregnant nor do I have a new love interest in my life so neither can be responsible for my glow. I have been getting more sun lately though…

All kidding aside, I notice the difference in the morning. My skin appears to bounce back quicker. In all fairness, I added CEO Rapid Flash Brightening Serum to my routine as well. This contains 15% ultra-stable, advanced Vitamin C. One that I found in my Allure Box. This stuff costs $85.00. I would not spend this kind of money on a moisturizer without having had the chance to try it first. And “aaaah” there was a full size in the box! This product I will most likely purchase again because after a week I feel as if it is part of the whole radiance process. All these things combined I would recommend as some of the best anti-aging tricks in the book…or the best “slowing-this-whole-process-down-to-the-best-of-my-ability-without-needles” trick. She wrote, as she is exposing her skin to too much sun! Hey we need Vitamin D too right?

PS Featured photo is slightly enhanced for your viewing pleasure.

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