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Vitamin C again!

A few questions came up to which I tried to get answers. First and foremost, no, you cannot “OD” on vitamin C. Any excess you will simply pee out. Fun fact: you will have to eat about 11,000 oranges before it becomes life threatening.

Why take Vitamin C is Lypo-Spheric form? Regular Vitamin C can be destroyed in the digestive system and be flushed out before it will work its magic. Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C has more than 50% absorption in your blood cells than Vitamin C powder or pills. Therefore it has a better chance to work its magic.

Why not just eat your vitamin C? Vitamin C is water soluble so your body can’t store what is left behind. One orange has about 100 mg of Vitamin C which is about 130% of the recommended daily intake. Red bell peppers have oranges beat, they contain triple the amount of Vitamin C. But without boring you with all scientific facts….cause trust me *yawn*….I read up on this…Long story short: you will excrete most of the vitamin C when you consume it regularly. This does not mean that you should stop eating your fruits and veggies!

Last but not least I would like to stress the fact that vitamin C is a nutrient that helps boosts the natural production of collagen. But I am so happy to have learned that there is no benefit to taking collagen powder and Vitamin C at the same time. Because this girl is quitting the collagen supplements. Don’t get me wrong; I love my nails on collagen….but the hair people! It’s growing in places I have never seen it before, and I can live without that. I will let the Vitamin C boost my natural collagen. Thank you very much!

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