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OUAI Leave In Conditioner

Since we don’t rinse off our lotion after applying to moisturize our skin, why do we rinse out the conditioner we put in our hair? Mmmm…not my question but I just read this somewhere. They may be on to something. I have always stayed away from leave in conditioner since I have pin straight, very fine hair. Anything I put in it will weigh it down and give it a greasy appearance but I did some research. taking one for the team!

And this kind of blows because of course the first thing I grabbed was from my Allure Beauty Box; Ouai leave in conditioner. I have no idea to pronounce it but I would say “why”. Why does this stuff cost $26.00!? You know Ouai? Cause it is amazing!

I am very loyal to my L’Oreal EverPure Repair and Defend since it is sulfate free and will help maintain my now professionally applied hair color. “Permanent dyes lift hair’s cuticles and make strands porous, allowing water to soak in and rinse away color pigments each time you wash” (according to Prevention Magazine) Since washing my hair less is not an option this leave in conditioning deal may be part of the answer.

Side note: The L’Oreal EverPure Moisture version makes my hair frizzy…jusss saying….

I don’t own a blow dryer. I will walk out of my house with wet hair and air dry it by rolling my windows down…weather permitting….This is the only down side to this Ouai stuff, it takes way longer for my hair to dry after spritzing it with this stuff. It is a small price to pay though. It did not weigh my mane down or give an oily appereance. My hair actually looked fuller, softer and smelled great. All of a sudden that $26.00 doesn’t seem to matter that much anymore. Divvy it up by the amount of days you use it and it seems cheap all of a sudden!

If you have normal people hair. Read; thicker, curlier, possibly not dyed then the following will most likely work for you as well:

It’s a 10 Leave in Conditioner. I have used the “regular” It’s a Ten after shampooing and conditioning and come to think of it; it didn’t make my hair stringier either. Therefore this may be one for me to try as well. It also costs $24.00.

For a cheaper option I would recommend trying a leave in conditioner by Tresemme. According to a very fancy, renouned hair dresser I spoke to, Tresemme works just as well as any salon brand. For around $4.00, it is worth a shot.

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