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Miracle Enzo Laszlo Patches

You know I like instant results, especially of the pricier stuff. Yes, because I am impatient and cheap. You also know I love to be the bearer of good news! Hence, another product for your list: Erno Laszlo Multi Task Eye Serum Mask. Please note that all pictures are unfiltered!

These patches contain allantoin, a moisturizer agent that offers hydration to help plump little lines and soothe delicate under-eyes. Not my words! According to the review they are invisible enough to wear around the office but I wouldn’t go that far. They claim to be great for dark circles, puffiness, crows feet and wrinkles. All that in one patch!

Mind you the before picture was taken after a long day at work during a week with not a lot of sleep. I left the patches on for about 10 minutes and massaged the extra gel in right before I went to bed. The after picture below was taken the next morning after a not so great night of sleep…and I usually wake up all puffed up most mornings! I am stunned by the results. I actually feel as if it lasted all day. I did not look as exhausted as the day before.

Once again, these things don’t come cheap. (Thank you once again Allure Beauty Box) $35.00 for 6 sets. Around 6 bucks for an awake look….I am not sure if they have any long term effect but I am going to look into more Erno Laszlo’s products. When they go on sale!!!

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