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Fall Fashion I

There is no denying the cat prints out there. I spotted the lady pictured below at the airport the other day which made me wonder if there is such a thing as too much leopard….and yes there is!! Moderation is key when it comes to animal prints. I still can’t get myself to wear a leopard print coat or top. I feel as if I am channeling my inner Peg Bundy. But ladies; this is a personal issue. You guys keep rocking it! I will sport my leopard pants but for me it is a matter of keeping it away from my face. With my dark hair it can tends to look a little trashy.

Faux fuzz is a must have, for me at least. I have been a sucker for faux furs and fuzz all my life. This season it is not necessarily the fur but the fake fuzzy stuff that is key. Mostly in the form of coats in a variety of styles. Since this material is never too flattering my recommendation would be to stick with the shorter jackets. But again; this is all up to you and what suits your body.

Styles that are “done” in my book? The cold shoulder sweaters. Why have cold shoulders? I just think style has been played out too much, kinda like Pharrell’s Happy on the radio a few years ago. Honestly the same logic applies to open toed boots but I still love those, although they will be in my closet until springs arrives again.

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